End of the Year Article Share
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End of the Year Article Share

As this year comes to a close, I'd like to end on the alternative of a "Blog Roll". I'd like to share some of the blogs I've read that I found interesting. I've found most of these through my RSS feed and or Hacker News.

Russ White shares his weekly. I guess I'll share mine annually. The restriction is that the article was posted within the last year.... else this list will be exhausting.


Routing Will Never Be A Solved Problem
The Important There will never be perfect information There will always be an area of futzing to find optimization points across multiple competing objectives We are just beginning to dive into some areas of networking, so there is much discovery yet to happen
Russ’ Rules of Network Design
We have the twelve truths of networking, and possibly Akin’s Laws, but is there a set of rules for network design? I couldn’t find one, so I decided to create one, containing 18 laws I&…
Mean Time to Innocence is not Enough
A long time ago, I supported a wind speed detection system consisting of an impeller, a small electric generator, a 12 gauge cable running a few miles, and a voltmeter. The entire thing was calibra…
ISP Column - November 2022
Living with Small Forwarding Tables « ipSpace.net blog
A friend of mine working for a mid-sized networking vendor sent me an intriguing question: We have a product using an old ASIC that has 12K forwarding entries, and would like to extend its lifetime. I know you were mentioning some useful tricks, would you happen to remember what they were? This c…

Personal Development:

When You Find Yourself on Mount Stupid « ipSpace.net blog
The early October 2021 Facebook outage generated a predictable phenomenon – couch epidemiologists became experts in little-known Bridging the Gap Protocol (BGP), including its Introvert and Extrovert variants. Unfortunately, I also witnessed several unexpected trips to Mount Stupid by people who sho…
’Tis the Season for Reexamining Your Values
How will you spend your precious time in the coming year? As one year ends and another begins, many of us won’t help but reflect on who we are and who we’d like to become. Most people aiming to emulate their ideal selves will resort to New Year’s resolutions—but more often than not, those are doomed…
4 Mental Traps That Kill Productivity
Productivity has many enemies: too many meetings, external triggers like interruptions from coworkers, whether virtual or in person, and multitasking the wrong way, to name a few. But more often than not, it’s mental traps that trip us up.


ISP Column - October 2022
Few People Get Promoted For Asking Difficult Questions
Research indicates that even when everyone within a group recognizes who the subject matter expert is, they defer to that member just 62% of the time; when they don’t, they listen to the most extro…
Asking Meaningful Questions: What Problem Are We Trying To Solve? - Packet Pushers
At some point in your career, you’ll likely participate in a project that is a technical and implementation success but is still a failure. That’s because the wrong solution was implemented. For example, after weeks or months of hard work you might successfully deploy a client-based VPN solution, bu…
What “Work” Looks Like
Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.
Make Free Stuff
On web3, Wordle and the radical concept of building things for free.
I Was Wrong About Mastodon – EscapingTech
I said that Mastodon moderation wouldn’t scale, it does. The cultural differences will likely continue to maintain a friendlier atmosphere regardless of size.
How to have a good internet experience in 8 easy steps
#1 - Stop having a bad faith interpretation of every thing you read If you think something someone said might have been something you disagree with, instead of starting an argument, ask them to clar…
Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things: Three Decades of Survival in the Desert of Social Media
I bet you’re wondering how we got here...
Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech
Pluralistic: Freedom of reach IS freedom of speech (10 Dec 2022) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
On anti-crypto toxicity
Crypto is known for its toxicity towards outsiders. Similar attitudes are emerging from some who oppose crypto.

Some Closing Smirks:

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Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.

I'll be posting more interesting articles that I read in 2023 on my Mastodon. be sure to follow me there for article links, boosts, and more short-form opinions/progress.

I wish you all a happy & safe 2023.